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Providing IT Staff for the
Development of
Cardinal Ideas

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Contractor Terms as Short as 3 Months in Multiple Countries

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Numerical architecture is as important
to AI as it is to archaeology.

Each of our contractors have passion for the
work they do

Innovation has an energy that transforms both people and organizations

Objxs Consulting

You know your field of work, we know emerging technologies in human performance improvement. If your work interacts with physical world objects we can help your team outperform the current state.

We provide individual consultants and complete solution teams. Hover over to learn more about our work.

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  • Improving in-the-field asset relationships by leveraging FIPS/GUID's

A First in Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Solving spot repair referencing problems between State and Federal

Human Performance

  • Perform complex device repairs first day on job

A First In Government

  • Award-winning non-monetary application of blockchain technology


  • Custom tracker solution for specific device to specific patient


  • Innovators of Short-range Wireless Monument and Cemetary Technology



Human Performance Improvement

HPI is an exciting field that advances the performance of frontline workers. The cell phone or wearable computer-based technology provides a demonstrable competitve performance advantage when compared to a non-HPI worker.

Our solutions allow each worker to process more value as measured in ROI. This type of technology is most commonly used to provide point-of-need repair information associated with physical objects.

In the year 2015 we shared with our customer that by the year 2024, 65% of repair and service industries will be using some form of HPI/AI to stay competitive. We still believe in that prediction, and that we can help you get there sooner.

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Is it Cheating?

Advanced technologies/AI look like competitive superpowers until everyone uses it. We help teams with their first steps in human performance improvement.

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No Boarders

We've improved our technical methods, network speeds, and tools when working with our new friends in South America. Bienvenido!

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...some of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of working with. Looking forward to next year.

A.G.Steensen, Data Archive project
Objxs Team

Objxs wins Visa/Contactless Innovative award.

Visa / Contactless Award, London, England.